Welcome to the Matray Family Genealogy

The site of the descendants of my wife Joumana Benjelloun and myself Mark S. Matray. I hope that this web site shall become an international forum of communication to share information on our common ancestors.

How to use and access my web site

The blog, where information can be simply posted and read.

Now click on the tab genealogical tree , several sub tabs appear. Each tab represents the main ancestors of my wife and I.

Click first on all families and the genealogical tree of my wife and I I  shown. Tree which is being constantly updated as I discover new ancestors. Zoom in on the tree or even better, via the search feature, type in the name of the ancestor you are looking for. This tree mostly contains descendants, for ascendants and family still alive today, refer to the other labelled tabs with family names. By scrolling left, right, up and down, you can run through my entire family tree.

The other family tabs (from left to right, in alphabetical order)

The Bedier’s: Contains an introduction from where they originally came from. Were originally French Huguenots and who fled via England to Leiden in 1580-1590. The story also tells how the Bédier’s immigrated to the USA in the beginning of last century. Three family trees are also listed here. The Bédier family tree as of 1600. Recently I discovered several of my distant cousins living in the USA, they are all listed in the Bédier family tree. Also included the family tree of the Renaud and l’Ecluse families.

The Benjelloun’s, family of my wife. You will find here a link to the website created by the aunt of my wife, Latifa Benjelloun. The site is devoted to Abdelkader Benjelloun, Joumana’s grandfather, the father of her father, who was an important Moroccan statesman and co-signed the proclamation of the independence of Morocco in 1956.

The Ferrero’s , family of my wife’s grandmother Madeleine Ferrero, the mother of her mother. This family originates from Cuneo in the Italian Piedmont.

The Floch’s, family of my wife’s grandmother Lina Floch, the mother of her father. I shall soon start writing the story of this part of the family. They originally came from Vienna and (I shall tell how Siegfried Floch , a journalist, Lina’s father fled Paris in 1940 with wife and son after the German invasion to Aix en Provence and then in 1942, fled to Switzerland and crossed the French border at Collonges sous Salève, only 3 km from where I presently live. He sought asylum and stayed in Switzerland interned mostly in camps until till 1946 even he was professor in Philosophy and renowned journalist. . His wife Freida and son Martin were in 1943 transferred first to the “Camp des milles” before being sent to Drancy in the north of Paris to be finally deported in February 1994 to Auschwitz and never came back. She presumably died 3 days later, precisely on her 60th birthday.

The Kruijtbosch’s, the  family of my grandmother, the mother of my mother. They mainly come from Texel. I have made extensive research on this part of the family, and this part of the family tree contains already 400 names. I still need to update all this collected information into my website. I hope also one day to obtain authorisation to publish here the memoirs “Levend verleden”of my grandmother who was a gifted artist.

The Matray’s. my direct family. Under this tab is a family tree as of 1600 till today. It is an extensive family tree containing all the Matray’s that I have discovered worldwide till the present day. I hope that my website shall help me in the ongoing process of discovering new Matray’s to be added to the tree. I have recently, thanks to Facebook, discovered family members in the USA (California mostly), Australia, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

The Oscare family, the family of the mother of my wife. Under this tab research needs still to be undertaken.

Finally the Visser’s, the family of Hendrik Simon Visser, my grandfather, the father of my mother. For the moment there is a link summarizing his life as a Dutch statesman. I hope also one day to obtain authorisation to publish here the memoirs “Hoe het groeide” of my grandfather who was my mentor in my life.

Under Pictures, you will discover photo’s of my ancestors but also of family members alive today. I hope to be able to obtain photos of ancestors from kin the world around.

The Book tab is specifically devoted to promote my book containing a preface, a quick summary and a tab to order my book representing 15 years of research “The Matray Story” a book nicely illustrated and constantly updated with new discoveries on the Matray family.

It brings you back 65’000 years. Due to the progress in science especially genetic research it is now possible to trace in our blood the history of our past, telling each one of us where we originally came from and the road we took after leaving Africa over thousands of years. So don’t miss the chance in acquiring this book which is sold for the moment under a paper copy. File in your order form and after receiving your payment, the book will be sent to you worldwide. Hopefully if sells take off, I’ll set up a downloadable version under PDF format.

Links gives you direct access to my profile on Facebook and Linkedin.

Contacts finally mentions my name and E-mail address and the address of the web site creators.

Enough explaining now , move on and discover my web site!